Moonfrost Litepaper


Why Solana?

Eco friendly

Crypto and NFTs have a reputation in the press for being bad for the planet. The reality is it's only the proof-of-work coins, in particular Bitcoin and Ethereum which are really bad. All modern cryptocurrencies which use proof-of-staking or other consensus method have addressed this energy consumption issue and provide a low energy alternative.
Staking also provides monetary incentives to token holders in the form of staking rewards and yield farming by providing liquidity on automated market making exchanges e.g. Raydium.
Solana consumes very little energy by design and is now carbon neutral.
Solana is currently (at the time of writing) the 8th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. We think it's important to go where the users are as it's easier to bring players in if they are already within the ecosystem.


Solana invented a consensus called proof-of-history which makes it one of the fastest blockchains, and can handle up to 65,000 transactions-per-second (tps).
For comparison: Ethereum does about 15tps. Polygon claims 65,000tps. Immutable-X does 9,000tps. Binance Smart Chain 17.3tps. Avalanche 4,500tps. Flow 100tps.
Solana's block creation time is around 600ms - making it the fastest of all the top gaming related blockchains. Ethereum is around 14s. Polygon is about 2.3s. Immutable-X, not clear but presumably same as Ethereum as it's an Ethereum rollup. Binance Smart Chain is about 3s. Avalanche around 1.2s.


The game will be available on PC first, possibly browser based, then iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) if they are permitted. Once installed it’s straight into the game, no need to buy any tokens or faff about creating accounts.