Moonfrost Litepaper


Milestone 1 - Trailer Build

Target date September 2022.
The aim of this build is to semi-playable version of the game that mixes visualisations and gameplay. It's intended to help market/hype the game prior to its launch.

Milestone 2 - Alpha Build

Target date Q4 2022.
This will be the first playable build of the game. It will not be feature complete but will contain the core gameplay features.

Milestone 3 - Global launch

Target date Q4 2023.
This will be the official global launch. This will not be the complete version of the game. Like other free-to-play games development is on-going. This version should provide a sufficient amount of gameplay to keep players engaged for a long time.

Pet NFT Sales

We will be conducting a series of NFT sales in the period leading up to global launch. The exact timing is still to be determined.
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