Moonfrost Litepaper

Launch Product

All the aforementioned is an ambitious long-term plan. It’s sensible to test the waters first and start small. There’s no point making a massive game if no one wants to play it. It’s not practical to make a big game all in one go so it makes sense to roll it out in phases.

The Bigger Plan

The idea is to start small and add content and features on a regular basis. The gameplay is designed in such a way that it has a lot of breadth; many components that are mutually exclusive of one another. This allows us to add new gameplay without impacting existing gameplay.
There will be daily, weekly or monthly updates depending on the type of content. The goal is to keep players coming back by giving them new story content, questing and other tasks. The process of steadily expanding the universe will allow the game to launch quickly, retain players and help keep the hype cycle going.