Moonfrost Litepaper

Investors & Partners

There was a lot of interest in joining in the seed round and ultimately we had to choose from a very long list of venture capitalists, funds and angels. In total we have raised $4.5m from some of the biggest names in both crypto and traditional gaming. This money will enable us to assemble a first class team of professional game developers, and build the first phase of Moonfrost.


Blocore is a venture capitalist based in South Korea with an extensive portfolio of crypto focused businesses. They are not only the lead investor in the Moonfrost but part of the team.


Finnish mobile gaming giant Supercell, best know for Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Hay Day. This marks their first venture into the crypto gaming world by investing in Moonfrost.

Animoca Brands

Animoca is the biggest crypto game investor.

Pantera Capital

Pantera is one of the largest most profilic venture capitalists in the crypto sector.

Griffin Gaming Partners

Griffin is a big venture capitalist with a portfolio spanning both traditional video games sector as well as crypto.

Sweet Farm

Sweet Farm is a new kind of animal sanctuary and farm based in California and New York. They will be partnering with Moonfrost for the sake of good causes.

Angel Investors

Sir Ian Livingstone

Games industry legend & best selling author of Fighting Fantasy books. He's also prolific investor in UK games start-ups.

Phil Mansell

Phil joined Jagex in 2011 as a design within 6 years became CEO. He'll be sprinkling some of the Runescape magic onto Moonfrost.

Juha Paananen

Juha is a successful games entrepreneur who made his name running Nonstop Games. He now invests in lots of game start-ups and is CEO of Soba Studios.

Daniel Engelhardt

Daniel spent most of his career working his way up the games division of Lionsgate. He's now CEO of Famico Studios, a AAA games studio currently in stealth mode.

Christian Manea

Christian is CEO of Aggero, an eSports marketing platform.
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