Moonfrost Litepaper

Our Solution

We want to solve these problems by creating a game that doesn’t require any purchases to start playing. Users will be able to install the game for free on their phone or PC. You will not have to buy any tokens.
Spending should be optional. Should you want to buy tokens they should be purchasable in-game with a single click/tap rather than exclusively through the convoluted process of buying them on an exchange and transferring them into the game.
Ever-increasingly expensive NFTs turn games into something for the rich rather than for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with being able to sell an NFT you own for profit but having to spend lots of money to start playing a game is just bad design. This game will avoid this by allowing everyone to play for free. It will release a regular steady supply of limited edition NFTs and other game content that all active players should be able to afford or obtain through play. The game will also include the chance to acquire rare items dropped during gameplay that have the potential to be worth a lot.
Play-and-earn - our aim is to make an immersive world that players enjoy spending time in and are happy to return to every day. The gameplay shouldn’t be a chore or stressful. The core gameplay won’t be competitive or skill based. It will be designed to appeal to casual gamers.
When you pay players tokens it encourages a certain type of player to appear - one that grinds just to earn the token; a gold farmer. In addition to that people will attempt to automate this with bots which creates a technical headache for the developer. In both cases the players aren't playing the game as it was intended.
We think the best way to avoid this is to just remove any gameplay where there's a way to regularly earn a token through a repetitive game mechanic. A better approach is to give players the chance to obtain rare items (NFTs) through gameplay.
There are currently no social farming sim, RPGs in the crypto space. We have the experience and background to take this genre to the next level.
Last modified 1yr ago