Moonfrost Litepaper

Secondary Features

Below are a list of features the game will have

Townsfolk - friendship, love & marriage

The town is populated by a whole host of NPCs (non-playable characters). There’s a real mix of male, female and non binary people of all ages and backgrounds. You can talk to them all, they’ll usually be happy to stop and have a chat.
Some of the characters are single and eligible. It is possible to court them and then date them. By keeping in their good books you can eventually pop the question and get married. Or even get married to your real life friends who you’re playing with.
Eternal love


Annual special events occur throughout the year that are specific to a country or culture. These festivities will appear in the game in parallel with the events in the real world. The idea is to add more over time, upto one for each day of the year.
Examples of festivals that might be included:
  • Lunar new year - January, China
  • Pentecoste - Maypole dance - May, Europe
  • Holi - festival of colour - March, India
  • Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead - November, Mexico
  • Diwali – Festival of light - November, India
  • Hanami 花見 - Cherry Blossom Festival - March, Japan
  • Mardi Gras - February, New Orleans, USA
  • Bonfire Night - November, UK
  • Krampusnacht - scary Christmas festival - December, Germany
  • Equinox - June, Stonehenge, UK
Not forgetting Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) and flying ant day!
Halloween at home

Keeping Pets

These live in your house with you.
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets
  • Fish


The sea, rivers and ponds are all fishable in the game world. Fishing is a mini-game of skill and luck where you can catch a wide variety of fish and crustaceans. Rods and other fishing equipment is purchasable and upgradable.


The world is a nature rich environment and you will be able to naturally find things like fruit and shells, gemstones, precious metals, fossils and other naturally occurring things.


A huge meta-game of sets of things to collect and complete. These are typically things you might obtain just by playing whether it’s fish, recipes, plants, craftable items.


No RPG would be complete without the ability to make things from collecting other things. In particular this is to make things for your homestead, furniture, tools, fences, clothes, etc.


A form of food specific crafting. You acquire recipes throughout the game. You can then cook them so long as you have the ingredients.

Customize your avatar

Before you begin you set up your character and give them a name, name your farm. You can pick hair style, face shape, eyes colour, skin colour and clothes for your avatar.
Later on as the game world expands, if you want to change there will be shops available for you to buy clothes and a barber / salon to get a haircut. If you want to change your physical appearance then plastic surgeons are at hand but they’re not cheap. You might also encounter magic tonics on your adventures that change your appearance.